Dr Schneider is offering FREE sessions via phone, FaceTime or Skype with audio conference sessions for 
medical professionals regarding COVID-19. 
The emphasis of any call will be to help medical professionals (anywhere in the world ) with
 the proper use of ventilators and medications for COVID-19 patients.  
There will be scheduled conference calls for many of the same questions that we are answering. 
We will post the time daily for anyone with questions to please join in. 

 Ask A Lung Doc Consultation – $75
Distant healing sessions with Dr. Schneider for 15 minutes – $75
Distant healing sessions with Lila Marcus for 15 minutes – $60

“Ask a Lung Doc” free session with medical professionals regarding COVID-19.
To arrange private sessions or a conference call 904-588-2884 
You can also email questions ahead of time to