Integrative Pulmonology is a new and exciting field that offers alternative and complementary strategies for patients with lung disease. Once the patient’s lung disease has been diagnosed and assessed, treatment is begun with standard medical therapy. This therapy is continued and the patient is then offered alternative approaches to further help heal the underlying lung disease. This is very important as most chronic lung diseases are not healed by standard medical therapy, but the medications may improve the symptoms. Integrative Pulmonology is an approach that strives to actually treat the underlying disease and produce long- term improvement that medications alone may not achieve.

The methods used in Integrative Pulmonology are varied and include general and specific recommendations. In general, I would usually recommend the use of a Himalayan Crystal Salt Inhaler (available on-line) as this is something the patient can easily do every day to cleanse the lungs, reduce cough, and improve shortness of breath. This is simple, safe, inexpensive, and without side effects. Baths with sea salt can be very helpful as well. Making sure the home environment has good air quality is important, and negative ion generators can help with this. These are all general methods that anyone can benefit from. More specific types of therapy will vary with the individual and their problem. Therapy may include energy healing which can immediately make the person breathe better. This helps clear the lungs’ energy congestion that plays such a big role in the disease and its continued expression. Acupuncture can also be used to affect the meridian system and improve the patient’s energy flow. Ozone therapy has an important role as well for treating chronic lung disease. This can be administered either by inhalation or by giving it through an IV. Vitamin therapy can also be administered IV. Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) is another important approach. Other alternative therapies can be considered as well but these are probably the main ones I would employ.

There are very few studies done in the field of Integrative Pulmonology and what studies have been done are quite small. This does not mean that they don’t work. There is just no corporate entity that would go to the expense of paying for these studies as they would not stand to profit from it. Even so, I can tell you that the alternative approaches DO help patients and sometimes make a dramatic difference. Using these methods over time can be life changing and potentially reverse a disease that often results in severe disability and death.