Tom Schneider, MD

Alternative Medicine
Board Certified In Pulmonary Medicine
Critical Care Medicine and Internal Medicine

Dr. Tom Schneider was born and brought up in Cincinnati, Ohio. He attended University of Michigan, graduated from medical school at the University of Toledo and completed his internal medicine residency at the University of Kentucky (Lexington, Kentucky). He went on to do a fellowship in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at the University of California Irvine. After this he went into private practice by joining a group in San Diego. He then moved back to Cincinnati, Ohio where he started his own practice. He continued to do hospital and ICU work as well as his office practice for 23 years. He decided to leave Cincinnati and moved to Florida and moved about a few times until settling in Jacksonville in 2018. Dr. Schneider fully embraced the traditional medical education and training he received in medical school, residency, and fellowship and was devoted to his patients’ care. It was after several years of being in practice that he began to question the approach. He was disappointed by the number of illnesses that had woefully inadequate therapy or NO therapy at all. It took a long time before he realized that it was not a deficiency in his knowledge but that the medical system just did not offer effective treatment for a lot of conditions. It also seemed that much of medical therapy was directed towards controlling symptoms rather than treating the problem at the level of cause. It was this disenchantment with conventional medicine that fueled his interest in looking “outside the box”, and he started taking courses in alternative medicine. He was truly amazed at how common it was to have a much greater improvement with the alternative medicine approach compared to conventional therapy. He experienced this over and over again with himself, friends, family and patients. All those years he continued to practice conventional medicine as before but could envision the day when he might have the opportunity to practice more of the alternative medicine he was learning. It was Lila Marcus, close friend and fellow energy healing practitioner, who strongly encouraged him to start a healing center. Together, they worked toward its formation and Healing Breath Institute was formed as a result.